dimarts, 8 de novembre de 2011


After almost two months in Sydney, I already have a routine: Studying, working at the Spanish Club (for what would be a huge bar-tender salary in Spain but it's just enough to survive here), some partying, and sleeping. No time left for finding cinema-related jobs or exploring Australia.

By the way, I have managed to shoot my first commercial work here. Got decent salary (for being the first one, of course) and, most important, seeing my work recognised. That is already setting a big difference with Spain, so this might actually be a land of opportunities, as some say.

As you can imagine, Pirates are still throwing my time down the sink, but not only the Catalan ones: the last week I gave a speech at the Pirate Party of Australia's Congress. Quite tough. The nice thing is that the videos that I had shot for Pirates de Catalunya were the main reason why the guys from eCoffeeCard hired me. It's finally paying dividends.

Just to let you know. The campaign in Spain is going great. Getting into the Parliament would still be a huge surprise, but we are growing faster than ever, and the Pirate Film Festival gave it's fruits. You can see the winning videos here.


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